We Know a Better Word than Happy
Helen McCrorie

35mm colour film, Stereo sound , 5 mins, 2021
Sound Design and Mix by Richy Carey

Following lockdown, children from Maryhill in Glasgow express their rights to outdoor play and learning, as they explore a green space that was established through 10 years of community activism. The film was a response to the unthinkable reality of many city children being completely confined indoors during lockdown, and to uk governments and councils neglecting to recognise children's right to play. Helen McCrorie has had an interest in play and land use for many years, having run outdoor playgroups in Glasgow and Perthshire. 

The film's location, the Children's Wood, is a community green space, used daily by local schools and nurseries in Maryhill, Glasgow. The wood is particularly appreciated by children from households with no access to a garden, and by children with autism and additional support needs. 
Helen did sound-play workshops and interviews with local school children at the Wood, collecting sounds and creating foley. We worked in collaboration to compose the soundtrack and I mixed it for broadcast.

Commissioned by BBC Arts and LUX Scotland for Now & Next, 2020-21. 
First broadcast on BBC4, October 2021.