I work in different ways for different projects. Sometimes as a composer, sometimes as a sound designer, sometimes as a mix engineer, though most often as something between all three. They are all matters of listening to sounds and shaping them in relation to other sounds, images, objects, texts and people. It’s the same ear I listen with in each case.

From my studio, I have created works for radio, television, theatre, cinema, outdoor performance, galleries, headphones and mobile phones, for mono speakers and complex surround sound setups, for large institutions and for DIY organisations.

I like thinking about sounds as much as I enjoy making them. I like being involved early on in projects so we have time to think and talk about it. I like working with graphic scores and text scores as I think they open up conversations. I like the kind of conversations that come from writing letters and from speaking over the phone. I like making sounds with other people and I like listening to sounds with other people.

studio (at) eistsound.com

Image: Cosmic Domestic, Victoria Evans. Courtesy of the artist.