The Human Model
Stuart Middleton

5 channel sound, 12 mins, 2024
Sound Design by Richy Carey

the engine or the organ, the lungs, gut or heart 
I want to make a space or a mechanism that compresses

                                                                                                            Stuart Middleton, 2024.

“‘The Human Model’ thrives in that strange, uncertain space, at once human and artificial; propulsive and static; frightening and tender. At the core of this exhibition is Radial arm maze made from synthetic duvets (15 single, 21 double), a maze-like room in the shape of a pentagram with a speakers at head-hight at each of the star’s points.” Sam Moore, Art Monthly, April 2024.

Stuart had recorded hundreds of layers of machine and engine-like sounds, listening into the textures of these mechanisims and pulling out timbres and mimmicing them using only his voice. We then worked these recordings into a more fullsome composition that unfolded over 5 speakers, coalescing and collapsing in waves.

First exhibited at CARLOS ∕ ISHIKAWA, London, Mar - Apr, 2024