Live Theatre, 4.1 Surround Sound, 28, 2022
Music Composition and Sound Design by Richy Carey

Stuntman is for anyone who has ever enjoyed a violent action movie (but felt a bit weird about it).

It is an explosive physical performance by two men exploring the relationships between violence and masculinity through stunts and satire. Taking inspiration from classic and contemporary action movies such as Die Hard and John Wick to create high-octane and sometimes ridiculous fight scenes, Stuntman examines the impact that having action-hero role models has on men and boys.

A striking, film set-inspired design immerses the audience in the excitement of the heightened, cartoonish fights and draw us into the performer’s personal stories of their relationship with violence and aggression. An intimate yet explosive performance from David Banks and Sadiq Ali juxtaposes the anger, rage and hype that men can feel on the brink of a fight with the calm softness and tenderness of not wishing to be violent. 

I worked with the cast and crew to devise, record, and compose the soundtrack in the same room together over the course of three weeks. The music and sound design moves between parodies of classic action films and video game soundtracks, to more intimate musical passages the accompany gently choreographed dance sequences.