Salmon: Feed Chains
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Performative Installation, Mono Sound, 20 mins, 2020
Third chapter of the trilogy When [Salmon Salmon Salmon]]
Sound by Richy Carey

To feed is to be in loop. The final chapter of the trilogy When [Salmon Salmon [Salmon]] traces the landscapes consumed by the production of feed for salmon farms, which range from the anchovy-depleted waters of Peru, India, and Senegal to the krill-exhausted Arctic and Antarctic oceans, and the soy plantations in the deforested Amazon. Shaped as an automated feeder, a rotating arm activated when fish are hungry in salmon farms, the piece subjects the audience to the feeding mechanism in salmon farms that makes salmon swim round and round.

Salmon: Feed Chains revolves around the ecosystems that are transformed into feed, the landscapes that are fed to farmed fish and the pellets that are consumed by salmon in their pens.

The work is composed for a single speaker, which revolves around a cavernous empty space, beconing the audience to follow it as it slowly circles the room, a performance similar to the feeding arms that rotate around salmon farm pens. This chapter brings back voices from chapters one and two, introducing a third character into a narrative that is woven through a rhythmic soundscape.

Salmon: Feed Chains was co-commissioned by Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm and The Fisher Center for the Performing Arts, Bard.