Thomas Abercromby

Video, stereo sound, 24 mins, 2022
Music and Sound Mix by Richy Carey

Rocabarraigh, a phantom island in Scottish Gaelic myth, will appear three times, the last being at the end of the world.

Rocabarraigh investigates Rockall Islet's overlooked history as the last territorial expanse of the British Empire and its subsequent occupation by climate activists in 1997. The film explores the relationship between imperialism, sovereignty and ecological collapse by bringing to the fore environmental activists' efforts from our recent past while drawing links to the current climate emergency.

Thomas invited me to make the soundtrack for his new film work, which involved cleaning up archive recordings, composing new music and crafting gentle sound deisgns from feild recordings and mixing for exhibition. 

First exhibited at French Street Studios, Market Gallery, October, 2022