on the waves of the air, there is dancing out there
Carrie Skinner

Live performance, exciter speakers, subwoofer, car stereo, 30 mins, 2018
Sound Design by Richy Carey

On the waves of the air, there is dancing out there is a speculative science-fiction mystery unfolding across Glasgow during the darkness of one night. A live-stream event transmitted to audiences simultaneously online and gathered at The Telfer Gallery, converges imagined futures with the city’s urban histories into a disjointed timeline of nocturnal stories. These stories and their characters are muddled in with an adventure into the narrative potential of disco lyrics, where the night time is always now, always endless and always longed for.

I worked with Carrie to design the sound for the performance, which emerged around the audience from various sources; from the stereo of a car that repeatedly passed by, from exciter speakers attached to metal crowd barriers and subwoofers behind walls, all the while thinking a lot about presence, absence, repetition and waiting. 

Performed at The Telfer Gallery for Glasgow International Festival, Glasgow, 2018