Lauren Gault

Sound Design and Sound Mix. Mono sound.
Fenrir scores contributed to Galalith publication.

This sound work was developed to sit within the Galalith exhibition, played through  a custom device made with Jennifer Sykes, powered by a solar panel developed with Trinity College Solar Energy Applications Department.  Soundscape features; raven mimicking human voice, human mimicking beta wolf call, wolf-dog calls and responses, raven mimicking dog, wolf-dog recordings (growls, snuffs, etc.)cellos playing wolf tones, corvid wings fluttering. Processing includes – tape looping, time stretching, reversal, pitch shifting, varispeed, analog delay.

Galalith, was an expanded staging of Lauren Gault’s  sculptural installations, responding to Temple Bar Gallery + Studios internal gallery space and the building’s external, environmental context. I worked with Lauren to compose the sound work for the exhibition, and then went on to create a series of instruction scores and a graphic score which was the basis for our soundscape. This ‘Fenrir’ score was developed visually as a chapter in ‘Galalith’ a publication.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studio
Fenrir I Galalith I Soundwork