For the First Words of a Dream World
Bobbi Cameron

Single channel film installation, 5.1 surround sound, 13 mins, 2024
Soundtrack by Bobbi Cameron and Richy Carey
Sound Edit & Mix by Richy Carey

Inspired by conversations with her grandfather, the film looks the parallels of living with dementia and Bobbi’s own practice in Celtic Shamanism. The work explores what it is to exist in multiple places at once, time travel and conversations that span across decades and worlds in a celebration of non linear and multi-versal communications. 

Bobbi borrowed my feild recording kit for a few months and collected a bank of sounds from which we composed the film’s soundtrack; field recordings of seashores, sonic meditations, conversations in the car, trad sessions in the pub and more. We made an inital stereo sketch of the work for her show at the Travelling Gallery, before expanding on the work and creating an immersive 5.1 composition together in the studio.

Comissioned by Glasgow International 2024.