False Wife
Jamie Crewe

Local Website and Poppers Training Video, Stereo sound, 15 mins, 2022
Sound Mix by Richy Carey

False Wife is a local website and a poppers training video that leads its visitors through an ordeal of transformation. 

Its narrative is drawn from a variety of folk tales in which transformation occurs, and relationships happen. Its footage is scavenged from sources that reflect these themes, reduced to slivers of significant imagery, rubbed together. These originating sources are warped or inflamed to say ambiguous things: to discuss desire, shame, transgression, and the longing for change, and the various ways we want—and don’t want—to face them.

This was the second film I worked on with Jamie, though in a different way from the first. Jamie had already composed and outstanding score for the film, and we spent time together in the studio bringing out different parts of the mix and mastering it for cinema.

EMAF Award winner for ground-breaking work in media art at the 35th European Media Arts Festival.