Lauren Gault

Multichannel Sound, 2021
Sound Design and Sound Mix by Richy Carey

Lauren Gault’s work explores the often imperceptible changes that occur all around us, from microscopic events to geological time-scales, and confronts the ethical, political and emotional implications of human interactions with the environment. In Gault’s sculptures, materials as diverse as polished horn, blown glass, pumped air, light, water, synthetic polymers or agricultural milk powder are transformed through processes that involve pressure, tension and release. Her work evokes fleeting encounters between radically different materialities and opens up a space for objects to communicate and resonate with one another.

I worked with Lauren to create a sound work that leaked into each room of the show, highlighting transitional processes, encouraging attention to hidden vents and vast atriums in the exhibition spaces. The sound suggested processes on the cusp of occurrence or phenomena happening outwith the buildings, across different timescales. Lauren also invited me to create C I T H R A | Compositions for her exhibition at Gasworks, London, where the gallery was  transformed for a day into an immersive audio installation, expanding on the existing audio works in the exhibition.