Jamie Crewe

Video, Stereo sound, 45 mins, 2020
Sound Design & Sound Mix by Richy Carey

Dragging a wheelie case behind them, Ashley arrives at an isolated beachside cottage. They hope that this weekend in the countryside might be the change they need: a change from depression, from heartbreak, from the pain of a shifting identity. As the weekend unfolds, however, their hope wavers: things go wrong in their body, or perhaps in their mind — or perhaps there really is something, outside, developing an appetite for them...

Ashley is a semi-autobiographical rural horror film filmed on the West Coast of Scotland, designed for cinema viewing. Its only character is played onscreen by Jamie, and voiced in narration by the poet and performance maker Travis Alabanza.

This was the first project I worked on with Jamie, who had already composed a beautiful musical score for the film. I worked with her to create the sound design for the work, to edit the dialogue and mix the work for cinema.

Ashley is a work commissioned by LUX Scotland for the Margaret Tait Award 2019/20. It premiered at Glasgow Film Theatre in early March 2020 as part of Glasgow Film Festival 2020. All images courtesy of the artist.